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YUNNAN "The lost Paradise"

Also known as "Shangri la or "little Tibet".

Yunnan in the south-west of China shows the most beautiful scenery and diverse cultural heritage of China.

The famous "Tiger Leaping George" will take your breath away. In "Shangri La" you will experiance "Little Tibet" and tibetian culture. We ride along the famous Yangtse River to the Tea and Horse road to Shaaxi. The 3 Pagodas in Dali is another highlight besides the fabolous roads and sights.

The Tours are 9 to 12 days. Group size 4 People minimum. Tour starts in Shanghai or Lijiang and  includes inland flights, Hotels, Food, Soft drinks, Sidecar, Fuel, chinese driving license. Entrance Tickets. Tour is all inclusive.

Here an example of a 9 day Tour in Yunnan, start in Lijiang.

1. Day:

We arrive to our destination Lijiang by plane and go right into the old town, a UNESCO-Heritage. Local Food give you the first impression about the Naxi Culture. To get an update on local news we go for some drinks to Alex the "Chef".

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